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SIOE Stamp by spongypants23 SIOE Stamp by spongypants23
May 8, 2010: Comments disabled because people are stupid. If you guys can't have a proper debate without it turning into a name-calling personal-insults argument, then I can't have you commenting/debating/arguing here.

Stop Islamisation Of Europe
I'm bound to be flamed horribly for this, and this stamp will probably be removed for being racist.

However the truth is that Islam is slowly taking over Europe.

-In Sweden, the city of Malmö is now ¼ muslim, and Jewish and Swedish people can no longer safely walk the streets.
-In Great Britain, Sharia Laws are close to becoming common law.
-In The Netherlands, it is a criminal offense to criticise Islam. This is also happening in many other countries. You will be attacked or denied free speech if you try to say anything against Islam.

All over Europe, muslims cause havoc and destroy both public and private property.
Europeans are losing their free speech rights since they are not allowed to say anything against the massimmigration policies enacted by their government.
Any attempt to speak out against immigration policies is seen as racism, and you will be labeled a neo-nazi or fascist.

For more information:
SIOE's website: [link]

Various YouTube videos:
[link] [Situation in Malmö.]
[link] [Future of Great Britain.]
[link] [UN Anti-Blasphemy Resolution. Threat to free speech.]
[link] [Pat Condell on the threat of Islam]

Stamp template by :iconcenakuu: : [link]

Edit: Made it a little nicer.


:star: Feb 27 2010: Here's a link to *ethereal-crow's UK SIOE/Islamic Terrorism in UK stamp. If you favourite this stamp, you should check his out too. [link]

Apr 13 2010: Another update. I know the information above is now old, and much more recent examples are available. I probably won't update it. If you want more information, check with your SIOE division. Or if your country has a political party similar to Sverigedemokraterna, Sweden (SD) or Freedom Party, Netherlands (PVV), check with them.

Note:I will not reply to every comment. Yes, I have a bias towards thanking those who support this, and will reply to them first, if at all. Please keep the comments clean, no name-calling. Debates are fine, but keep it clean. See the huge section of hidden comments? Stay civil.
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